Changing The Game
The future of oral healthcare technology is simplicity.
Forget complicated toothbrushes with unnecessary weight and features. Our products harness design technology to provide efficiency through simplicity, using Designomics solutions that have been carefully tested for optimum results without the need for hard brushwork.
10,000 Bristles
Offers the ultimate 10x care experience towards gums and teeth.
High Density <120 μm Tapered Bristle
Designed for a pressureless brushing experience
Ergonomic Handle
Designed for a relaxed and comfortable grip to enhance the brushing experience.
Precision. Design. Solutions.
This is Zennlab & Pharmasen’s seal of quality.
Unlike regular toothbrushes, the ZP range are each crafted with sleek and innovatively designed handles, built for a more relaxed and comfortable grip to enhance your brushing experience. Our ultrafine bristles increase the effectiveness of your oral care, removing plaque and bacteria in hard to reach areas of your mouth whilst avoiding irritation to your gums.
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Discover Innovation With ZP Designomics
Design that delivers innovative oral care solutions to enhance the mundanities of everyday life.
Discover the efficiency of Zennlab & Pharmasen’s precision Designomics bristle technology.
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Experience uncompromising design, carefully crafted by our ZennLab Designomics R&D Division for your brushing pleasure.
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Precision cleaning toothbrushes thoughtfully designed to cater to your child’s oral hygiene needs.
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Professional oral cleaning brought to your home.
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A healthy body starts with a healthy mouth!
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