About Us
We at Zennlab & Pharmasen, better known as ZP, design and create oral healthcare products with a mission to become the national symbol of uncompromising oral care through precision Designomics.

The ZennLab Designomics Division is a progressive, thought disruption Design Lab, based in Hong Kong, where our engineers use design-optimisation technology to produce oral healthcare products from the ground up.

Each ZP product is designed with precision to improve the quality of oral care among discerning consumers.
From the materials we use, to perfected grip-weight ratio, to the exact angle of every bristle, precision is the product of attention to detail. It is this detail-oriented quality engrained in the ZP DNA that allows us to serve your oral healthcare needs, better.
Design is at the forefront of ZP’s oral care success. Before each product is produced, it undergoes a meticulous period of conceptualisation and testing - led by our ZennLab Designomics engineers in Hong Kong - to ensure efficiency that values sleek design simplicity.
At ZP, we believe that taking care of one’s oral health should be an uncompromising part of the daily routine. That’s why we dedicate our time and resources towards providing real design-first solutions to offer the precision cleaning you value, without any compromise.